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Note: Minimum order value €43,95
Note: Minimum order value €43,95

Anodes for ships and vessels

Here you will find our sacrificial anodes for ships and vessels

A sacrificial anode is a piece of alloyed metal that is attached to a metal surface, such as a hull, engine, propeller, etc. In our range you will find Zinc anode, Magnesium anode and Aluminium anode.

How do sacrificial anodes protect a ships and vessles?

By screwing or welding the sacrificalanode to a metal surface, you protect the metal from corroding. By being more alloyed than the metal it is attached to, the sacrificial anode becomes the metal that corrodes instead of the metal it protects.

Anodes for hulls

The primary purpose of hull anodes is to protect against corrosion, making maintenance of your hull smoother. The hull anode is applied to the hull of your boat, ship or veesle, by welding or screwing it in on the metal you want to protect. The hull anode, also known as a sacrificial anode, then protects the hull so you avoid expensive repair and maintenance costs. You can find all our hull anodes here.

Anodes for rudders

As you can hear from the product name, a rudder anode is designed to prevent corrosion on your boat rudder. The rudder anode is easily applied by screwing it to both sides of your rudder. By using rudder anodes, you avoid spending both time and money on replacing metal parts. Instead, when the rudder anode is about 50% used up, you only change it to a new one. This is a cheaper story than replacing the whole rudder. See more of our rudder anodes here.

Shaft anodes

The application for shaft anodes is on the boat's propeller, this is to prevent corrosion that means the propeller needs to be replaced sooner than expected. In our range you will find shaft anodes in different demissions, brands and materials, all so that you can find the shaft anode that suits your purpose. The shaft anode comes in two parts, so you can easily place it on both sides of your propeller and then bolt it on. If you're not sure which shaft anode you need, you can always contact us.

Anode calculation for ships

With over 35 years of experience, we are experts in anodes and corrosion protection for ships and vessels. Our extensive knowledge and expertise make us your reliable partner in protecting your marine investment. We can assist you with calculating the optimal distribution and necessary number of anodes for your specific needs, including anode calculation for ships, zinc anode calculation for ships, and zinc anodes for ship hulls. Furthermore, we can provide expertise on impressed current anodes and other corrosion protection solutions.

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