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Note: Minimum order value €43,95

Corrosion Protection for Ships

Protect your ship against corrosion with anodefactory

Prevent ships from corrosion

Anodes play a key role in protecting ships and boats from corrosion in marine environments. Cathodic protection, through the use of sacrificial anodes that are more reactive than the metal being protected, redirects electric current to effectively prevent corrosion. The choice of anode material, zinc, aluminum, or magnesium, is crucial and is based on the specific marine environment. By employing this strategy, we collectively extend the lifespan of critical components such as the ship's hull, which in turn reduces maintenance costs and increases safety.

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35 years of innovation

We assist everything from large ships to smaller boats, delivering high-quality materials and systems essential for implementing effective cathodic protection solutions. Marine environments pose a unique challenge for ships and other maritime transports. The constant interactions with various types of water and air, along with unpredictable weather conditions and biological factors, increase the risk of corrosion and can seriously affect the ship's lifespan and functionality. We have designed and supplied anodes to ships for the past 35 years.


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