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Note: Minimum order value €43,95

Pin brazing for Cathodic Protection

Pin brazing

is a metallurgically safe and easy method of connecting metallic objects to electrical conductors, such as steel and ductile iron pipelines, that must be electrically earthed or cathodically protected. Compared to other systems, pin brazing has several major advantages. It is important that operator training and equipment maintenance are carried out to a high standard during this process

In the case of installing a cathodic protection system on a pipeline with spigot and sleeve joints, pin brazing can be used to attach the electrical cable connection. The cable is attached to the spigot and sleeve ends of the pipe by brazing. For pipes made of ductile or cast-iron, threaded brazing pins are used, in which a prefabricated cable is fastened with nuts. Pin brazing is used on steel pipes either through threaded brazing pins with nuts or through cables. With the aid of a lug, it is brazed directly to the pipe.

Using cathodic protection, metal surfaces can be protected from corrosion by turning that particular surface into a cathode in an electrochemical cell. Steel, water, and fuel pipelines, as well as storage tanks are protected by the system.

By providing connections for anode cables, test posts, etc., pin brazing makes it much easier to provide safe cable connections in a cathodic protection system.


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